A collection of my work & projects I’ve been involved in

Chroma Shift [WIP]

I’m currently bringing to life the dystopian factory in DevOrDie Studios’ debut game Chroma Shift.

You can watch some silent Alpha gameplay here:

Chroma Shift will release on Steam early 2017, and will be playable at PAX Aus!

Torque Burnout


I recently did some work on Torque Burnout post release.
I was tasked with cleaning up the audio for all the cars in the game so that they where balanced in level and quality, and compatible with the REV sound engine.

You can see some early gameplay here:

The latest update includes all the edited audio.
You can download Torque Burnout for iOS or Android here:



The Music Room

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.21.23 PM


“With a collection of unique virtual reality instruments and inspiring spaces, The Music Room will make you a multi-instrumentalist.”

I worked on the prototype of The Music Room in late 2015/early 2016.

Watch the trailer here!

The Music Room is launching soon to Vive, PSVR, & Oculus.


Runestone Screenshot cropped 3.png

Runestone is an indie action-RPG set in Nordic mythology.

I worked on the sound design and music production for Runestone in late 2015.
While the game never released, you can listen to some of my tracks here:


The Odd Sock

The Odd Sock is a dark Australian comedy by Kerry Glennon

I was involved in the audio post production; which included ADR & SFX re-recording and mixing.

You can check out the other 3 episodes at The Odd Sock‘s Youtube channel.


Wainscot is a documentary by Blair McMillan about the Melbourne Live-Action-Role-Playing (LARP) scene.

Enter the password swordcraft1 to watch.

Audio mixed by Dan Penpraze, Mitchell Juster & Myself

Flummox gameplay theme


This is a mastered version of the track I made for the puzzle/platforming game Flummox.


Sheltered is a thriller directed by Dale Williams

On-location recording and post production by Dan Penpraze, Mitchell Juster & Myself

Headgap Studio tape jam

Check out this mix I did from a session using tape at Headgap Studio in Preston.


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