The Ego of Man in the Business of Creative Media

Austin Wintory’s look at the creative media industry encompasses several of his own opinions and observations on what is necessary to be successful, especially in your early career. 

As well as an underlying passion being central to one’s success, Austin highlights the role of the ego in the professional environment. Young entrepreneurs must be self motivated and confident in their own ideas, but able to put their pride aside and work with others who may alter their original vision; and understand that this is to create an objectively better outcome.

“I have to be able to do everything myself” is the ideology of many entrepreneurs that Austin pushes us to reject. Although it is an easy field to become self-sufficient in, Austin believes that specialists always have something to bring to a project that no-one else can, and so by being involved with as many different people as possible, your work can becoming something huge.

Austin’s uses himself as an example of why putting the ego aside is beneficial to a project. Although primarily a composer, Austin knows how to mix music. But instead of completing the whole project himself, he hires an audio engineer to mix for him, as he realises that this will ultimately result in a better outcome, due to the engineer having a different perspective on music.

I agree with pretty much everything Austin had to say about work style in the creative media industry, as it is very easy to work solely by yourself with a computer, but there are many advantages to putting the ego aside and working with others.


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